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Desert Samaritans for Seniors

75-105 Merle Drive, Suite 500

Palm Desert, CA, 92211

(760) 837-9066

Desert Samaritans for Seniors is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the 60 and older senior population throughout the Coachella Valley.

Desert Samaritans for the Elderly is the outgrowth of the “Golden Group Foundation”, an organization formed in 1976 and spearheaded the building of the valley’s only non-profit retirement and health care center, opening in 1986 as the Carlotta Retirement and Care Center.

In 1997, the non-profit Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society sold the Carlotta to a for profit organization. After the Carlotta was sold, Desert Samaritans for the Elderly was founded by the members of the former Carlotta’s Resource Development Fund and Advisory Boards to continue the Good Samaritan mission by providing programming and financial aid to elderly citizens throughout the Coachella Valley.

Since then, Desert Samaritans has cared for tens of thousands of seniors that other organizations have not been able to help. In 2007, we moved into our current offices in the Berger Center in Palm Desert.


As a senior advocacy agency, we act on behalf of those who are facing immediate challenges. We work collaboratively with government, other non-profit organizations and the private sector to ensure the most favorable outcome for our clients. In home assessments by a caring social worker are arranged when necessary.



We provide Financial Assistance to low income seniors for medically required health care costs not covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal or Private Insurance. Assistance is also provided for utility bills, rent, food, home repair and other emergency needs. Our program guidelines allow for financial assistance money to be paid directly to service providers only, and not to individual seniors directly. We highly encourage referrals from family members and other service agencies.


Grocery Relief services are provided to seniors who: (1) are able to purchase groceries and cook for themselves, but find grocery shopping too difficult; or (2) are neither able to pay for nor shop for their own groceries. In either case, after an initial in-person visit, all grocery orders may be taken by phone and provided with no delivery fee.


We serve as the “hub” of information for seniors who are facing challenges or have specific questions regarding a variety of social service issues. We maintain an extensive database of services provided by multiple organizations throughout the valley to ensure that each senior is matched with the appropriate program in a timely manner.



Criteria to receive transportation:

1. Must be over 60 years of age and live in the Coachella Valley

2. The need must be for a medical appointment or laboratory test.

3. A maximum of four round trip rides per year per household using a paid transportation service is available

4. The client must first attempt to find other means of transportation, such as friends or relatives or to pay for their own taxi or shuttle service. If they use a wheelchair, they must sign up for Sun-Dial if they are eligible and in their service area. Sundial requires a doctor’s prescription and you must live with-in one half mile of an existing bus route.

5. 48 hours advance notice is requested.

6. Volunteers drivers are contacted first to provide the ride. If no volunteers are available and the appointment cannot be changed, the ride will be provided using a taxi or shuttle service paid by DSFTE if the client cannot afford the fees.

7. The name, address and telephone number of the medical office is required, as well as the estimated length of the visit.

8. Referrals from social service agencies are accepted on behalf of their client

9. Payment is made to transportation service provider, not the individual client


Any exceptions to these criteria must be approved in advance by Desert Samaritans for the Elderly CEO or Board of Directors